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Which is the most expensive rock wool and glass wool board

May ,08 2022

Both of these materials are thermal insulation materials, and both can be used as sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials. There will be situations where the functions are similar, but it is not known which material is better. Generally, friends in the building materials industry who encounter this problem are in the critical stage of inquiry and procurement. In fact, there are many factors that determine the choice of materials, of which price is a very important factor. According to various information, in terms of the unit price of materials, the unit price of rock wool board is cheaper, while the price of glass wool is higher. Many people will have doubts, then they will all use rock wool, why use the expensive glass wool material?

Glass wool board is cheap

In fact, this has to go back to the comparison of the two materials, rock wool and glass wool. First of all, the production materials and production processes of these two materials are different, and the cost has been different from the beginning, which also led to the last two materials. Material pricing strategy, it is inevitable. The second is the difference in the performance of these two materials. Generally speaking, glass wool has better sound-absorbing properties than rock wool materials due to its uniform and slender fibers and the structural characteristics of porous materials. It is said that under the same specifications, glass wool has better sound absorption performance, in contrast, rock wool board is much inferior. This is to explain the difference in the price of these two materials from the perspective of performance. Glass wool is better than rock wool. The price of glass wool is high, but the sound absorption performance is better, and there is not so much dust falling, which is more friendly to construction personnel and the environment. There is also a formaldehyde-free glass wool for glass wool, which has less dust falling and is formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly. .

But first of all, it is necessary to look at the quality of the materials, and then look at the brand of the production materials, including popularity and reputation. This is an invisible credit guarantee, which can give customers more peace of mind, so that the construction project can be completed smoothly and on schedule. If there is no guarantee of quality, no matter how good the brand is, it will be useless. Therefore, in general large-scale engineering projects, manufacturers will be required to send samples of glass wool or rock wool, and the quality of the materials will be checked first, so that you can rest assured. In general, the fiber and fiber arrangement quality of glass wool is better than that of rock wool board, with less dust and better sound absorption performance than rock wool. Another point is that glass wool is a lightweight material and is more suitable for use in The roofs and walls of buildings such as steel structures can achieve the effects of sound absorption, noise reduction and thermal insulation. Generally speaking, the thermal insulation performance of glass wool is better than that of rock wool. For example, using rock wool with a bulk density of 100 has the same effect as using 20 glass wool.

rock wool board

Of course, rock wool also has the advantages of high temperature resistance, fire resistance and sound insulation, but generally speaking, the price of rock wool is cheaper than that of glass wool, but in terms of overall performance, glass wool is better than rock wool.