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What are the raw materials for the production of rock wool board?

May ,08 2022

  Rock wool board is a kind of thermal insulation material with inorganic fiber structure made of basalt as raw material. It is processed by high temperature melting and pressing molding process. This advantage is often used in the thermal insulation work on the outside of the building, as well as in the thermal insulation work in other special fields. Mineral wool boards are also divided into many types. The following factors will affect the materials used for rock wool boards.

Rock wool board manufacturers

 Rock wool board  is a widely used thermal insulation material, which is widely used in the thermal insulation work of electric transportation and the outside of buildings, as well as some petrochemical thermal insulation work. Rock wool insulation board has different uses, and the required performance will also have subtle differences. When the performance of the mineral wool board is biased, the content of raw materials used in the production of rock wool will change. For example, in the production process of rock wool board, special fireproof materials are added to the fireproof board, which increases the fireproof performance and service life.