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Rock wool board

size: 1200*600-1000*600(MM)
Thickness: 25-150mm
Bulk density: 60-200kg/m3
Guide price US$: 20.1
Fire rating:Non combustion
Application: Wall, equipment, sound insulation and thermal insulation
MOQ: 1 / m2
Package: Plastic packaging
Shipping Port: Sea, air, express
Manufacturer: HaoChen company


Rock wool board is a man-made inorganic fiber made by melting at high temperature. It has the characteristics of light weight, low thermal conductivity, heat absorption and non combustion. Its initial development is a common application type in architecture. It is mainly used in industrial buildings. The application type and basic requirements of building thermal insulation materials shall be met.

Characteristics of rock wool products

1. Fire prevention: the raw material of rock wool board of exterior wall is natural volcanic rock, which is a non combustible building material and fire-proof material. The highest fire rating is A1, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire.

2. The size is stable and will not shrink or deform in case of fire.

3. The rock wool board of thermal insulation exterior wall has slender and flexible fiber and low slag ball content. Therefore, it has low thermal conductivity and excellent heat insulation effect.

4. Sound absorption and noise reduction rock wool is an ideal sound insulation material. A large number of slender fibers form a porous connection structure, which determines that Shida rock wool is an excellent sound absorption and noise reduction material.

5. The hydrophobic rate of hydrophobic rock wool products can reach 99.9%; Very low water absorption, no capillary penetration.

6. Non corrosive rock wool, stable chemical properties, pH 7-8, neutral or weakly alkaline, suitable for carbon steel and stainless steel

Rock wool board product classification

According to the different production processes and raw materials of rock wool board, as well as the different requirements of application fields, the product specialties are divided into: 1. Outer wall rock wool board: the average unit weight of outer wall rock wool board is 140-180kg / m ³, The main features of the product are high density, high compressive and tensile strength, high hydrophobicity, low acidity coefficient, construction technology and thin plastering construction technology of exterior wall.

2、 Curtain wall rock wool board is also called mineral wool, mineral wool board and slag wool. The construction of curtain wall is characterized by low density rock wool of 110kg-80 M ³, This product can produce hydrophobic and non hydrophobic. This product is suitable for indoor partition, ceiling and other filling at the same time


Density60-150 Kg/m3
Shot content (particle diameter ≥0.25mm), %≤12.0
Average fiber diameter, μm≤7.0
Density tolerance, %+15, -15
Thermal conductivity coefficient (average temperature: 70±2℃), W/(m. K)≤0.043
Thermal load contraction temperature (products with density above 60kg/m3),≤ 600
Acidity coefficient mk≥ 1.6
Moisture content, %≤0.5
Combustion propertyNon-combustible(A class)
Organic material content, %≤ 4.0
Water repellence (water-proof), %≥ 98
Water absorption (water-proof), %≤ 5
Max Application Temperature ℃650

Product Photos

Rock wool board

Package and Delivery

Rock wool board、

The rock wool board packaging adopts plastic packaging, and the quantity of each package is related to the product thickness according to the product quantity.

After signing the order, complete the production task within 3-5 working days and deliver it to the transportation department


Q: What packaging is used for rock wool board?

A: The commonly used packaging of rock wool board is plastic packaging

Q: Where Is Your Factory? Can I Visit Your factory?

A: Our factory is located in Dacheng County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, China. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory anytime. If you make an appointment with us before coming, we will arrange a car to bring you here from the airport or hotel.

Q: What is your price of your products?

A: Is That Price After Transportation Charge And Customs Charge?

Q: Our MOQ?

A: As long as the whole can be shipped

Q: What packaging is glass wool used for?

A: The glass wool board is packaged in plastic packaging, the glass wool blanket is a plastic bag inside and a woven bag outside.


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